About us

poochOur low moveable fences have been custom built for us to supervise everything that is going on. We have special puppy rooms to allow pups to catch up on their all important sleep between going out to the toilet, small play sessions and eating, and our main living room area has plenty of beds,

duvets and sofas for our older dogs to do the same after their walks in Victoria Park, the Hackney Marshes or the Walthamstow Marshes!

reggieWe limit our daily numbers to 20 dogs per day to ensure we can provide the best of care, our group of dogs is extremely varied from our smallest Miniature Dachshund to our big wiggly cross breed, all breeds are welcome but please get in contact about giant breeds as they may not fit in our van. Prices start from £27 per day, pick-ups (between 8am and 10am) and drop-offs (between 4pm and 6pm) are included in the price in our fully ventilated van that has windows all

around for everyone to see the sights as we travel, and with no partition we can ensure that everyone travels safely. Our site is cleaned daily with DEFRA approved, animal specific cleaning products for the health and safety of our dogs.

Tamara Dial has over 40 years experience of dog ownership, with a growing knowledge of training, behaviour, handling, showing and nutrition. We stock Natural Instinct – a pre-prepared complete raw meal – to sell to our clients, which we deliver straight to their freezers when dropping the dogs home, prices start from £2.55 per kg. How about some treats made from ethically sourced ingredients?